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A fun filled space for your canine companion in beautiful Sydenham, Ontario.

Servicing Kingston & the Surrounding Areas

With pick-ups from Amherstview to Highway 15, Harrowsmith to Inverary, and everywhere in between, Dog Care Kingston offers two unique services to Kingston and the surrounding areas.  

Each weekday morning, social pups are picked up for an hour-long walk in beautiful downtown Kingston.  Depending on the day, we can have anywhere from two to eight furry friends taking over the sidewalk to get their exercise in.  With a focus on walking etiquette, these pups learn what it means to walk on a leash politely and without pulling.

Stay with us for the afternoon and you'll see just how much fun is yet to be had!  On rolling farmland in picturesque Sydenham, ON lies a hidden oasis for humans and dogs alike!  Here the dogs are encouraged to run freely off-leash, play, wrestle, or just hang out in the fresh air.  With approximately 10 to 20 dogs at a time, your best friend will have no problem finding someone to play with.

What We Offer

While you are at work, your dog spends countless hours waiting for you to return. Why not give them a little break during the day to go outside and have some fun. Daily walks are available for all dogs, big or small!

We also offer overnight care for those short term business trips or long vacations. Let your pooch spend the night in a place they already feel comfortable and safe; your home! With a police record check and many references, you can feel confident that you are leaving your pet and home in good hands.

A Busy Dog is a Happy Dog

With years of experience in dog care, you can be sure that your best friend is in good hands. I understand that each dog is different and will have varying needs so I do my best to give them exactly what will make them happy.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to send me an email, or contact me via call or text.

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